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Welcome to the New York State Cancer Consortium!

The New York State Cancer Consortium (NYSCC) is a network of individuals and organizations that collaborate to address the cancer burden in New York State. The NYSCC and its members are guided by the strategic plan, the NYS Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2012-2017, which outlines objectives and suggested strategies to reduce the burden of cancer in NYS. We hope you use this site to learn more about cancer in New York and to further your own organization's efforts to decrease the cancer burden for all New Yorkers. To learn more about the NYSCC and the benefits of membership in the NYSCC click here.

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Spotlight On!

April is National Cancer Control Month!

To assist in your promotion of April as a time to raise awareness of cancer prevention, detection, treatment and support, linked is a modifiable press release. Consider personalizing this release to promote your organization's efforts in cancer control. If you use this release, or another release to promote Cancer Control Month, let us know! Email us at

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Recent Resources

NYSCC Operational Guidelines: The NYSCC has updated the Operational Guidelines to include information on committee member roles and responsibilities, NYSCC staff roles and member expectations.

National Public Health Week Partner Toolkit: Available online, this toolkit includes an overview of National Public Health Week (April 7-13, 2014), event planning tips, information on media outreach and social media promotion, legislative advocacy recommendations and other resources. Click on the link to view more information.

The Burning Truth Communication Initiative: The Burning Truth communications dispels tanning myths and encourages the public to keep skin healthy and beautiful for life by protecting it from too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and tanning beds. Topics include:
- A Base Tan is Not a Safe Tan
- Tanned Skin is Not Healthy Skin
- Controlled Tanning is Not Safe Tanning

President's Cancer Panel Call to Action: This report outlines the case for HPV vaccination and the urgency for action. Three goals to accelerate HPV vaccine uptake are discussed, including: reduce missed clinical opportunities to recommend and administer HPV vaccines; increase parents', caregivers', and adolescents' acceptance of HPV vaccines; and maximize access to HPV vaccination services. To view the full report, click on the link.

Cancer Survivorship E-Learning Series for Primary Care Providers: The National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center has designed a new e-learning series that features content on the role of clinical generalists and specialists in providing follow-up care to cancer survivors. Free continuing education credits are available for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses. New content will be added on a rolling basis.

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Member Opportunities

NYSCC Member Program Directory: The NYSCC is currently compiling a directory of programs being done by member organizations. All information is self-reported and will be shared in a publication on the NYSCC website. The directory can be used to facilitate collaboration among members and other interested parties in order to ensure that the goals of the New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2012-2017 are met. Click on the link to share your program.

Prescription for Radon: A webcast is now available to provide detailed information on the health risks of radon, the prevalence of radon in New York State, and how to appropriately communicate the risk of lung cancer due to radon to their patients.  This program available through the University at Albany School of Public Health offers CME and CECH.

2014 Survivorship Research Conference and Survivor Advocate Program: The 7th Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference, entitled” Advancing Survivorship through Multilevel Collaborations” will be held on June 18-20, 2014 in Atlanta, GA. Researchers, clinicians, cancer survivors, advocates, program planners, policy-makers and public health experts will be brought together to prevent, discuss and disseminate cancer survivorship research. 

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