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Welcome to the New York State Cancer Consortium!

The New York State Cancer Consortium (NYSCC) is a network of individuals and organizations that collaborate to address the cancer burden in New York State. The NYSCC and its members are guided by the strategic plan, the NYS Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2012-2017, which outlines objectives and suggested strategies to reduce the burden of cancer in NYS. We hope you use this site to learn more about cancer in New York and to further your own organization's efforts to decrease the cancer burden for all New Yorkers. To learn more about the NYSCC and the benefits of membership in the NYSCC click here.

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The Burning Truth

The CDC has implemented the Burning Truth communication initiative.  This encourages people to keep their skin healthy and beautiful for life by protecting themselves from too much exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning beds.  The Burning Truth brings attention to tanning myths and provides social media communications to further reach. 

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Recent Resources

UV Safety Modifiable Press Release

UV Safety Posts and Tweets: This document provides suggested posts and tweets regarding UV Safety.

CDC Skin Cancer: Newly formatted webpages, promoting fact sheets and information on skin safety, indoor tanning, statistics and buttons and badges that can be used in social media.

Sun Safety for America’s Youth Toolkit: A CDC resource for comprehensive cancer control programs interested in engaging schools and other education partners in sun safety efforts.

Reducing Indoor Tanning Among Minors: This CDC publication provides information about indoor tanning among minors and potential strategies for reducing indoor tanning among minors in your community.

Sunburn and Sun Protective Behaviors Among Adults Aged 18-29 Years- United States, 2000-2010:  The CDC and National Cancer Institute analyzed data from five different National Health Interview Survey years.  The results indicate that protective behaviors have increased, but sunburn prevalence remains high.

CDC Skin Cancer Prevention Fact Sheets:  These fact sheets list strategies for parents, teachers, employers, and parks and recreation staff to help promote UV safety.

CDC Vital Signs Preventing Melanoma: This link provides information on what the problem is in regards to melanoma, what can be done (by the federal government, communities and policy makers, employers, schools, etc.), and the science behind the issue. This page also provides access to CDC infographics and social media.

 A Tan is Not a Sign of Health: A melanoma survivor shares her story.

HPV Related Cancers and HPV Vaccination Rates in NYS: The NYS Cancer Registry has summarized data in this report presenting counts and rates for HPV related cancers in NYS by sex, race/ethnicity, and location.  The report also compares state cancer data to national data and summarizes data on HPV vaccination rates.

“Information for Action #2015-02: The HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention. Routine Vaccination in Adolescents Can Prevent Future Cancers”: This report (found under the Cancer heading) summarizes state-level data from the 2013 National Immunization Survey and suggests strategies for public health professionals to decrease the burden of HPV related disease.

Tobacco StatShot: The NYS Department of Health has recently released a Tobacco StatShot detailing the percentage of smokers in NY who were asked, advised or assisted by their health care providers regarding their tobacco use. 

NYS Cancer Prevention Summit Live Recording:  A live recording of the Summit, held in NYC on May 20th is now available by clicking on the link.

Affordable Care Act Clarification:  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has issued guidance clarifying coverage consumers are entitled to under the Affordable Care Act.  This guidance indicated that issuers cannot impose cost-sharing for anesthesia services performed in connection with preventive colonoscopies. Click on the link to view more.

New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Dashboard. This interactive, web-based Dashboard will be used to monitor progress of cancer prevention and control efforts in NYS and to guide organizations working toward cancer prevention and control to areas most in need of intervention. The Dashboard provides information on twenty-four of the health promotion, cancer prevention and early detection indicators identified in the New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, 2012-2017.

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Member Opportunities

Coming Soon!  This month The NYSCC Member Program Directory will begin the updating process.  You will receive an email asking for you to complete a 10-15 minute survey detailing a program that your organization is implementing around cancer control.  Once collected, your program will be listed in the Directory that is posted on the NYSCC website and sent to all NYSCC members.  Those that have already submitted a program will be asked to review the information for inclusion in the next edition.

The Facebook Challenge!  In order to increase our Facebook exposure, the NYSCC is challenging all NYSCC members to help us reach 299 likes by December 31, 2015.  Go in and like us on Facebook, send your colleagues or friends interested in cancer control an invite to like us.  Any member that becomes our 300th like will have their organization spotlighted in the January 2016 BLAST email and on the NYSCC homepage for the whole month of January.

Professional Development Micro-Grant Opportunity: This program offers cancer patients and survivors financial assistance for professional development opportunities that will allow them to enhance or build a new skill.  This encompasses any type of course, training, conference or coaching that is essential to any cancer survivor for advancing or maintaining their current job, job-shifting or looking for a new opportunity, during or after cancer treatment.  The deadline to apply is July 15, 2015 at 11:59pm.  More information is available by clicking on the link.

Virtual Group Study: The American Cancer Society and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are studying innovative ways to help breast cancer survivors find support and a new sense of meaning in their lives. If you live in NYS and would like to connect with other breast cancer survivors to share your experience, click on the link or email

NYSCC Member Program Directory: If your program is not listed, click on the link to provide information.

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