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Who Can Become Consortium Members?

Anyone! Any individual or organization in NYS that is passionate about reducing the burden of cancer is encouraged to join.  There are no membership fees and participation is voluntary

Why Should I Become a Consortium Member?

  • Network with fellow Consortium Members in your region and across the state 
  • Work alongside cancer prevention and control advocates to implement priority areas of the Plan
  • Influence cancer prevention and control priorities for New York State
  • Receive information about funding opportunities, health promotion articles, and meetings and trainings of interest 
  • Exchange information, expertise, and best practices in cancer prevention and control

What is Expected of me as a Consortium Member?

All Consortium Members agree to the expectations listed below: 

  1. Endorse the Consortium’s Mission: “To reduce the human and economic burden of cancer in New York State.”
  2. Promote the Consortium and the Cancer Plan by sharing Consortium communications with partner organizations
  3. Collaborate towards achieving State Cancer Plan objectives by serving on an Action Team, attending Consortium Meetings, and networking with other members in our Member Portal
  4. Contribute information and resources to assist with Plan Development
  5. Allow us to identify you as a Consortium member with organizational affiliation (when applicable), in publications, lists, websites or other appropriate contexts
  6. Support the commitment to respect diversity and address health disparities


Become a Member

The more we work together, the greater impact we will have towards preventing and controlling cancer in New York State.

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